Dienstag, Oktober 31, 2006

Day 2

This morning I went to the beach in Scheveningen to make some shots of the waves, the sea and bad weather. It was a hard work to do, because I had to carry my laptop with all the footage on it, the tripod, the microphone and a box with the camera inside. But it was worth doing it.
My shoes got wet and so I went home to reload the data and to take new clothes before going to Ypenburg.
A storm is coming and Theo is fixing all the animals on the hill. The workflow with the Panasonic P2 system is ok. I put all the data on a harddrive and afterwards I burned the content of a P2 card (8GB) on two DVDs as a backup.
I really love the system, although it makes some extra work to save the data. It is amazing to watch the footage in the computer after you put the P2 card into the PCMCIA slot of the Powerbook. The first moment when I had to delete the data after capturing on the harddrive was a little bit strange, because normally you should not delete any data, but with this system you have to it, because you want to go on working.