Mittwoch, November 01, 2006

Day 3 Part II

It is not so easy to work alone on a documentary film. You have to carry all the heavy stuff alone and you have nobody to discuss. But the most difficult problem to solve is to record good sound.
Here on top of the hill I am filming outside and inside the cabin, so I do not have the time to change the mic every time. Outside it is not possibel to use the bulit in mic from the camera. So I developped a way for my shooting with two wireless transmitters. One is connected to a lavalier mic that is attached to Theo. The other transmitters is connected to a mic with a wind shield and a boom. I try to put the wind shield mic next to the action and so I got two signals, from one Theo and one atmo from the boom mic.
The advantage of the Panasonic camcorder compared to HDV cameras is the possibility to record four channels. Channel 1 is Theo, Channel 2 is atmo and Channels 3/4 is the built in mic of the camcorder.
This solution is compromise and not as good as wokring with a sound recordist but I think it is working well.

Day 3

The storm is over. Fortunately nothing is really damaged on the hill. This morning I filmed the graveyard of the strandbeesten, the fossils on the hill. And Loek comes to the hill.